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A past shrouded in mystery. A life of rejection, fear and pain. Will their circumstances finally bring these two together? Or will misunderstanding come between them forever?


Ivy senses Cameron is building a barrier between them. When she comes across a letter from her mother, she seeks answers to a lifetime of questions. Only a trip to England will uncover the harsh truth. Is she strong enough to hear it?


Cameron grew up surrounded by his mother’s love and his father’s hatred under the same roof. Now starting his new life in Chester’s Run, he connects with the outside world. When he discovers his brother and Ivy together, he plans to leave for a while to pursue an overseas client.


Chaos ensues when they separately announce they are heading to England. Despite Cameron’s reluctance, the two travel together for Ivy’s safety. Sharing accommodation has its hurdles and makes them both face their complicated realities.

Betrayed Expectations - Paperback

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