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Cheryl Rosario

Writer of Small Town Romance

Cheryl lives in a picturesque town just out of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two adult children, two Border Collie dogs, a small pond of gold fish, newly acquired chickens and very active and demanding the local birdlife.


When she’s not at her desk writing or at work you’ll find her walking, reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle or two, on the ride-on mower or occasionally weeding the garden. She loves getting up early and taking photos of the sunrise.

Creating her imaginative world has become a determined hobby. Knowing that everyone loves a hero or heroine that are searching for their happily ever after, became a challenge that engrossed Cheryl. Following the progress of the character’s story, they drew her back to the writing desk continuously.

This was a trek of discovery, pushing herself beyond the norm and out of her comfort zone. Never in Cheryl’s wildest imagination would she have considered achieving this dream a possibility. Instead she found a determination hidden among the fears and hurdles of life. Following her dream, Cheryl unearthed a love of story and self-development which now feeds her curiosity daily.

If you can’t find her at her computer working on the latest manuscript she’s being a mum, working, creating in the large garden they have or losing herself in a great book.

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