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Start from the Start

Writing a book is not only a huge commitment but also a time consuming endeavour. The one thing I suggest to someone who wishes to write, is sit down and take the time to put your story down whether you write long hand or use the latest technology.

As an aspiring writer I began with putting the words into the page. I wanted to learn the relationship between a single word and a sentence, then I discovered the connection of a sentence to a paragraph, and from their I delved deeper into to creating scenes, chapters, points of view and slowly, slowly I discovered my voice and the voice of each of my characters.

Please understand there's nothing easy about writing, but I will admit to the delight and personal gratification to seeing words on a page. Once the editing process began I realised the words sometimes didn't gel or even make any sense, but I began to appreciate the achievement of writing over eighty thousand words.

I followed many writing blogs, podcasts and read many, many novels. Learning the business of writing, working out what I didn't know and making the time to discover what was important to move my story to the next level and take the next step in the writing process.

So my suggestion to any budding authors out there, is make a commitment to yourself and your writing. Pinch a block of time to be in your story, whether you're writing or just planning the plot out in your head. Devote even ten minutes a day to make your dream a reality.

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